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Father, Son, Holy Ghost
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Girls - Alex

“Alex is one of these art-student girls who lives in San Francisco, who I thought was really neat at one time when I was living in San Francisco,” he says. “She’s one of these hipsters that would never care about the wars going on in the world at all, because they’re just so perfect. She was just so cool. The song was about wanting to go out with her or something, I don’t know what exactly. She had a boyfriend the whole time. It’s a bit of a silly—I wrote that song before I ever even talked to her.”

Christopher Owens , The Story Behind the Loveliest Rock Album of the Year (So Far)

Alex is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

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  • Interviewer: What were some of the beliefs of the group?
  • Chris Owens: Just that everybody else besides us were all completely confused and bad. It was an extremely separatist group. And all literature and music and everything that we as the children that were born and raised in the group were exposed to was all stuff that was produced within the group. So the whole idea was to try to raise a generation of kids that were not spoiled at all by the world. They had some ideal that they could raise us and we’d be these perfect little Children of God. But it’s like horrible – it’s also beautiful, like – they meant well, I guess, even though a lot of things that they did were completely crazy. You can research and find out the details. It’s just a crazy, crazy group, maybe one of the craziest groups that came out of sixties’ American cults. Super extreme. But the great thing – the great lesson, the great story for me, is there was only one generation – there were hippies that joined as teenagers, and then their kids. And as soon as we became adults, they were destroyed, because you can’t really tell people how to live their life, no matter how ideal, or even if you’re right, you can’t say to somebody, “You will not listen to this, you will not act like this.” And so, as soon as everybody my age, or even starting before, like my oldest sister, became teenagers, the first thing we did is say, “I wanna be my own person.” And now it’s just – it went from being something like thirteen thousand people at one time, to being – it’s not even the same group anymore. They’ve changed their name, they’ve changed their beliefs, and there’s only a few thousand of them now, living in a completely different way. It’s basically been totally destroyed.
  • my thoughts: everyone should follow the source link and finish this interview. Christopher Owens of Girls has such a fascinating story to tell and the interviewer is real and warm and so is Chris. It's fascinating and heart-felt. I couldn't stop reading it once I started. Do it. Even if you aren't a fan of the band.