Richard Teschner’s Puppets 

Richard Teschner (1879, Bohemia—1948, Vienna) made prints and illustrated books in turn-of-the-century Prague, hanging out with writers like Meyrink and Paul Leppin and exhibiting withHugo Steiner-Prag.

He finally settled in Vienna and devoted himself to the puppet theater. Brittanica says he “developed the artistic potentialities of the Javanese rod puppet for western puppet theatre.” I’ll keep digging! (For instance, someone needs to comb through this archive of his puppets.) [update: some photos of Teschner’s puppets here.]

Via 50 Watts


Tofugu posted these curious images from an Edo period (1603 to 1868) Japanese scroll depicting what is called he-gassen or “farting competition.” The images show people happily expelling their gasses at cats, horses and even at each other. Apparently no one is safe from he-gassen.

According to the website Naruhodo, “similar drawings were used to ridicule westerners towards the end of the Edo period, with images depicting the westerners blown away by Japanese farts.”

For whatever reason, Tofugu chose to post censored images (black boxes over the naughty bits) on their site. Someone went ahead and captured a few choice pics from the scroll (naughty bits included) from the Japanese and Chinese classics at Waseda University Library which you can view there in its entirety.

Full scroll